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Updated: Oct 31, 2019

by Galina Korovnik

When I think of coffee I automatically think of coffee shops. I mean I love my coffee at home but it’s always better when you are sitting inside a cozy little coffee shop sipping on some delicious coffee. I grew up in a little town where we only had one sit down coffee shop. So when I moved to Spokane a few years ago, I was like a little kid inside a candy shop, when I saw how many coffee shops were here. One of the first things I noticed was how a lot of the coffee shop owners had the mindset of community over competition. I would see different coffee shops in town doing shout outs to other coffee shops in town or commenting and encouraging each other. I loved seeing that type of community and love around town. If you live in Spokane or are visiting, I want to give a shout out to five of my favorite local coffee shops that are a MUST go to!

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Indaba Coffee is my top favorite local coffee shop. Not only because of how good their coffee is but because of what they stand for. The owner, Bobby Enslow, opened up Indaba in 2009 and his goal was to, “Create a place for the community to gather and feel welcome.” Their motto is, “Love people, love coffee,” and that is exactly what I notice when I go inside one of Indaba’s 5 locations. You can see the heart behind Indaba through the employees. Every time I walk in I am always greeted with a smile and a hello and the baristas are always so kind and friendly. I recommend you try their butterscotch latte next time you are here! It is sooo good! I’ve been drinking Indaba for at least 6 years now and always go back every chance I get.

My other favorite coffee shop is Arctos Coffee. Originally they started out as a coffee roasting facility until they realized, “How deeply passionate we were about every aspect of the coffee roasting process. The next step became very clear…a commercial space was needed…in order to expand our roasting business and start sharing the love with more of our local community!” Are you beginning to see why I love Spokane coffee shops? COMMUNITY is always the reason. I love coming here and grabbing a breve latte and some goodies to munch on. They have free parking and you will always see Gonzaga students studying here since it’s located just down the street from the university.

Vessel Roasters is another favorite local coffee shop. I’ve had so many coffee dates with friends here. Creating memories, while sipping on coffee, is one of my favorite things to do. They have plants in every corner of their shop and have plenty of seating space, if you are getting together to study with a group. I love that they always have a seasonal menu so you can always try new drinks. Their Bee Sting drink was one of my favorites this summer.

Of course First Ave Coffee makes it on my top 5! They opened their doors last year in a 100 year old refurbished building. They are Spokane’s only Certified Green Café! One of the things I look for in a coffee shop is space. How big is the seating area? I hate walking into a coffee shop and having to look or even wait to find a seat. First Ave is in a big building and has plenty of seating so you won’t have to worry about that. They always serve organic coffee and have exclusive cuppings and educational events. One of my favorites, I tried here a few weeks ago, was their Dirty Pie Spice! You won’t find this anywhere else!

Last, but not least, if you haven’t been to Awakening’s Coffee you have to stop by and try their caramel awakening latte and don’t forget to ask for whip cream with caramel drizzle on top! It is sooo addicting! Awakening’s was the first coffee shop I discovered back in 2011, when I was driving to Spokane for school, every week for a year. There are so many memories made here. I am actually sitting at Awakenings right now as I type this. If you don’t like noise or big crowds of people this coffee shop is for you! It’s always so peaceful and quite here. It’s not as popular as some of the other coffee shops probably because of its location. The coffee shop is kind of hidden and is connected to and ran by a church. Awakening’s Coffee will always hold a special place in my heart.

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