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Updated: Oct 31, 2019

by Mandy Braviroff


Being gluten free in Spokane is quite easy. With many places that are knowledgeable and supportive to the Gluten Free community you will be sure to find exactly what you are craving without feeling like you’re left out! From Pizza, to mozzarella sticks to cake, tacos and even gluten free cooking classes, the options are not limited around this area! We truly are lucky to have so much right here but even better we have so much support that surrounds us.

Below are a few places locally and regionally I have tried and have safely eaten at and loved. While everyone is different, most of the places listed are a shared environment so you’re taking a risk when you dine there. Be sure to let your server or the manager or even the chef know of any concerns you may have about their options and how they handle their foods before ordering. Use your best judgement! Now go eat, explore and enjoy!


Coles Bakery & Cafe: As the only dedicated 100% Gluten Free Establishment in our area, Coles Bakery and Cafe takes gluten free eating to the next level. Offering many choices such as vegan, sugar free and Keto goods, Coles is sure to please it’s diners. Coles Bakery and Cafe even takes in large holiday orders offering pies and sides during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Call ahead to order holiday pies and goodies. Try the Dirty Fries and a Ghostfish Beer for a happy hour treat.

Boots Bakery: Adorning the Main Street district with its bright blue door, Boots Bakery offers more than gluten free food in an eclectic and cozy environment. They offer 100% vegan bites and treats with an easy deli counter style ordering. Try one of the Pumpkin Waffles or go for a slice of vegan lasagna with a side of mixed greens.

Cochinito Taqueria: Supporting celiac diners since opening, Cochinito has taken Taco Tuesday and made it an experience. Offering handmade corn tortillas and chips with a mouthwatering Mexican flare makes this place one of the top places to eat while in downtown. Try the 20 Hour Carne Asada with chips. (Order your chips ahead of your visit to make sure you get celiac safe chips)

The Wandering Table: Offering a Farm to Table Style menu, The Wandering Table brings freshness with each plate they create. Colorful and flavorful options keep the many Kendal Yard visitors coming back time and time again. Menu isn’t marked but all servers and chefs are knowledgeable to their gluten free friends. Try the Crispy Steelhead.

Wild Sage: With Knowledgeable chefs and a knowledgeable team, Wild Sage’s tasty seasonal menu makes it a worry free dining experience. With a full gluten free menu and even gluten free

popovers with lavender butter to start you off you will be sure to enjoy every second of your visit here. Try a rotating seasonal dish but be sure to try the famous Coconut Cake for Dessert.

Wanderlust Delicato: Bringing Jazz night back into Wednesday date night and cooking classes formed around gluten free eaters, Wanderlust offers the Gluten Free community a lot of choices. Charcuterie boards and handmade gluten free truffles alongside live music makes it a great place to relax and enjoy the simple life. Be sure to sign up for one of their cooking classes that offer gluten free choices and try some artisan chocolates handmade right in house!

Other places to try:


Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine: Lunch & Dinner

Zona Blanca: Lunch & Dinner

Thai Bamboo Lunch: Happy Hour & Dinner

Wiley’s Downtown Bistro: Lunch, Happy Hour & Dinner

The Shop on Perry: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The Melting Pot: Happy Hour & Dinner

Method Cafe: Breakfast & Lunch

Twigs Bistro: Lunch, Happy Hour & Dinner

Pathfinder Cafe: Breakfast & Lunch

Anthony’s: Lunch, Happy Hour & Dinner


Beverly’s Cda Resort: Lunch & Dinner

Dockside: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

LePeep: Breakfast & Lunch

Cosmic Cowboy: Lunch & Dinner. Coming soon to Riverpark Square January 2020.

Sweet Lou’s: Lunch, Happy Hour & Dinner


City Beach Organics: Breakfast & Lunch

Spuds Waterfront Grill: Lunch

Ivanos: Dinner

Forty-One South: Lunch & Dinner

Utara: Happy Hour & Snacks

Beet & Basil: Lunch & Dinner

To keep up on where Mandy visits and travels or to see more of where she’s been, follow her on Facebook or Instagram at Spokane Gluten Free Eats.

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